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Learning UX/UI design shouldn't cost you tens of thousands of dollars. Join us on remote classrooms to save tuition fees and learn from seasoned designers that are working for Fortune 500 companies.

A Career-Driven Experience.

Experience a career-driven curriculum designed by seasoned instructors. We are proud to grow a design community and train alumni from a wide range of backgrounds.

The remote atmosphere didn’t feel like an impediment at all – clever use of video conferencing and Slack made sure we were all on the same page and communicating in real time. I particularly liked that we were often split into “small groups.

Emma @ Cohort 6

Happy Alumni

Compact time frame, value-add just gets better and better as the course progresses; learning material and topics are varied, current & practical; project work allows immediate application of new tools and skills; guest speakers from within the profession provide great insights and up-to-date information on the industry.

Arthur @ Cohort 8

The UX design team is really supportive, they reply quickly to any of your questions and help you to get the answers you need. The course materials provide full of additional readings with links, they also give you real-time feedback based on the design that you have created during lectures so that you won’t leave the class with unresolved questions.

Marshal @ Cohort 3

Lavinia · US

I think the course was definitely worth taking. Especially if you prefer to learn practically and visually rather than just theoretically. You will flow through the entire UX process in a practical way.

Egor · PL

This course is amazing, you get to work alongside others through community channels, webinars, and one-on-one sessions with professionals that have been on the job for over 5 years and have a passion for teaching and mentoring.

Sofia · ES

The curriculum, freedom to work in your own pace, assistance, advice, and feedback really flow well and it is my first experience doing an online course and am really happy it has been this great experience and journey.

Tyler · GB

This is one of the best online courses I have ever taken. The lectures are very clearly explained and not boring or dry at all (for me it’s the main drawback of online programmes).

Alessia · IT

I’m nearly done completing the part-time bootcamp and it exceeded my expectations for an online program. The coursework was thorough, thoughtful, and they laid out the principles of UI design fantastically.

Peng · SG

I learnt more about UX design in the programme than I ever could’ve imagined. The staff were all incredibly useful and supportive and they kept me engaged throughout the whole course.

Vicky · US

I had a solid Mentor that helped me navigate through this course, and even more so what’s gonna be expected of you to know and understand in the UI/UX design world. I would without a doubt recommend this bootcamp to anyone looking to get into UI/UX Design.

Johnathan · CA

Really impressed with how smooth the remote course was. Small group video conference + slack channel worked great. Instructor would regularly put us in groups to work on real-life projects!

Bastien · GB

I really like the format of lecture assignments as we can apply what we’ve learnt over the week to solve business challenges. It’s helpful that we can build up our portfolio while honing our skills.

At Nokumi Digital, we aim at saving unnecessary costs for students. Instead of renting a prime location, you will be joining students from overseas to learn together.

About Our Remote Bootcamp.

Feel free to reach out to your dedicated admission officer for help if you still have any questions after signing up for the bootcamp.

As our bootcamp is designed for students without design backgrounds, it is not required to have prior experience in UX/UI design.

Our student count for each cohort is typically around 15. The maximum student count for one cohort is 20 to make sure our students can receive personalized feedback from our instructors.

Once you have completed the capstone project of the bootcamp, the digital certificate would be sent to you within 24 hours via email.

Students who were successfully enrolled into the bootcamp would be added to our slack channel, where students will connect with each other to form groups and hold discussions.

A community-curated blog.

The content of our blog is contributed by our instructors and experienced members of the UX/UI community. Find out how designers overcome the latest challenges and what advice they would give to beginners.

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