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Find out how our corporate training plans can fit into your organization and supercharge your team with relevant tech skills that drive innovation across your company.

Empowering Teams With UX Design

Experience a career-driven curriculum designed by seasoned instructors. We are proud to grow a design community and train alumni from a wide range of backgrounds.


Our UX bootcamp provides corporate training to help organizations implement user-centered design practices. Through workshops and hands-on sessions, teams will learn UX concepts and how to apply human-centered design methodologies to their work.

Training topics include user research, persona creation, information architecture, prototyping, and more. If your organization aims to foster a culture where user needs are prioritized in product development, it’s vital for everyone to become familiar with the latest UX methodologies.

Tailor-Made Curriculum

We understand every company has unique challenges and goals. That’s why our corporate training programs are fully customizable. Our instructors will meet with stakeholders to understand your business, target users, and specific pain points.

The curriculum will be customized to include industry-specific topics and relevant case studies. Whether your focus is internal tools, customer-facing apps, or IoT products, employees will learn UX skills directly applicable to their work.

Training Feedback

To ensure the effectiveness of our training sessions, pre and post-training assessments will be conducted to collect immediate feedback. The results would be compiled to give our clients a better overview of how the training sessions are able to transform their workforce and product-development cycles.

Find out how to improve your team’s understanding on tech concepts via training feedback by contacting our training coordinators using the application form below.

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