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What’s Make or Break in Game UI Design?

ome members of UX studio had a nostalgic discussion about video games not too long ago. About halfway through the discussion, we realized that none of us clearly remembered or even cared that much about a game’s UI design, even though most of us met UI design for the first

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Usability Testing: How to Do It & Its Benefits for Business

UX studio experts share best practices on how to successfully do usability testing at different phases of the product design process. Why is usability testing important? It helps to understand how people interact with your product. What does “usable” mean? Steve Krug, the author of “Don’t Make Me Think,” summed it

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3 Useful Methods for Gathering Generative Research Insights

Generative research sometimes referred to as discovery or exploratory research, is defined as “a method of research that helps researchers develop a deeper understanding of users in order to find opportunities for solutions or innovation.” Contrary to evaluative research, which is about evaluating our design and our product by using usability testing methods, the goal of

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UX Portfolio 101 (2022 Version)

A UX portfolio is a collection of case studies that reveal your design process and skills through the story of design projects you’ve been part of. The difference between UX portfolios and UX case studies Many designers use the word ‘portfolio’ to refer to their case studies. But they’re not the same

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UX Writer vs. Copywriter: What’s the Difference?

UX writer vs. copywriter: These are two often-confused roles that are really quite distinct. So let’s break down the differences between the two. Copywriting has been around for a while—think 19th-century department store ads in newspapers. User experience (UX) writing on the other hand, is relatively new to the scene.

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