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5+1 Tech Trends You Should Consider in 2022

It’s already 2022 but COVID-19 is still affecting our lives. Despite the chip shortage the last two year’s events boosted the progress of technology in many areas and it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the pandemic continues to influence what technology will offer in 2022. From evolution in remote

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Storytelling for UX Design Teams

If you’ve ever bonded with a co-worker over a TV show or movie you both loved, you know that stories have the power to bring people together. But have you ever thought about the way stories can be incorporated into your work with other members of your UX design team?

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7 Tips to Keep Your UX Design Skills in Shape

What are the most important UX best practices? What habits will make you a better designer? There are lots of ways to approach these questions. Here, I’ll take a big-picture approach. So step away from all your projects for a moment. This isn’t a guide to wireframing, so go ahead and

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What’s the Future of UX Design?

So you’re curious about a career in UX design, but uncertain about what the future of UX really holds. You’re not alone! Let’s have a look at the state of things. The world has undergone some pretty intense changes in the last few years. We’ve collectively endured a global pandemic,

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The 5 Best Places To Find Free Storyboard Templates

The old adage “don’t reinvent the wheel” applies to a variety of situations—including building storyboards. Having a storyboard template you can modify to suit your needs and make your own is a clear time-saver. And storyboard templates are so versatile; if you find a good one, you can use it

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Where Could a Career in UX Take You? Agency vs. In-House vs. Freelance

User experience is everywhere. A variety of industries are seeing the value of crafting their user’s interaction with their products and brands. Therefore, UX designers have the luxury of choosing from many different environments to work in. However, sometimes all these options can make it hard to decide what’s best

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