User Experience & Interface Design Bootcamp

Part-Time UX/UI Remote Bootcamp

Learn the skills of a UX/UI Designer with a micro class around the world. Join our online classes, and collaborate with your teammates. You'll create a series of case studies and publish your UX/UI portfolio during Bootcamp!

Educating some of the brightest minds in these organizations.

Where quality meets affordability.

The average tuition fees of UX bootcamps are higher than $6,000 depending on the location. How did we provide high-quality UX/UI education without charging students insane tuition fees for the experience?

Remote Based

Learning digital skills shouldn’t cost you tens of thousands of dollars. Instead of renting a prime location in an HCOL city, our bootcamps will be conducted online to save costs for both our students and instructors.

Global Alumni

Founded by a team of digital nomads based in Hong Kong, our team of instructors is scattered around the world. You will be learning from UX/UI veterans from San Francisco, London, Sau Paolo, Perth, Hong Kong, etc.

Fully Bootstrapped

As our team is fully bootstrapped, we don’t need to shell out hundreds and thousands of dollars in marketing to aggressively onboard students. This would in turn help our students to save on their tuition fees.

Robust Curriculum

Work on real-life projects by applying what you've learned during lectures.

Remote Learning

Revisit lecture materials and recordings anytime you like via our bootcamp portal.

Career Assistance

Learn how to break into the field from instructors who are seasoned UX/UI designers.

Transparent Tuition

Simple payment models that safeguard your interest as a student.

Want to learn how cool projects like this were built?

About This Bootcamp

An immersive learning experience.

Learn UX & UI design via a micro-class setting that allows our instructors to personalize your learning journey. Our remote classrooms will keep the student count under 20 to make sure that you will receive a top-notch experience. Collaborate with your teammates and make progress together!

100% Completion Rate

We are proud to say that all of our students have successfully graduated from our course. Regardless of your career background, we are here to help you get started with user experience design.

4.9/5 Average Rating

Our curriculum is designed to be comprehensive and fun at the same time. Say no to boring lectures, and start working on actual projects to practice what you have learned in class.

Micro-Class Setting

At Nokumi, each classroom will host a maximum of 20 students, with an extra teaching assistant dedicated to each class. By keeping the in-class student count low, students can receive personalized feedback based on their progress.

Maximum Flexibility

All lessons would be recorded and students are encouraged to visit them on the student portal in case they have missed anything, so no worries about ad hoc appointments clashing with your class schedule.

Our Curriculum

Career-driven curriculum.

Besides learning concepts and tools related to UX/UI design, our career-oriented curriculum is designed to help you get hired. Working with our instructors to strengthen your portfolio, and familiarize yourself with common questions/case study sessions to impress your interviewers.

Learn how to prioritize information in an user interface, and improve usability of your UI by better mapping information.

Master UX research by practicing with case studies. Learn how to identify the pain points of your users and resolve them with UX strategies.

Create design systems to synchronize your team’s output, as well as to smooth out the onboarding process’s of your team.

Practice how to improve your UI across all fronts, including typography, color palettes, components and other styles on Figma and Adobe XD.

Learn how to deliver the design of UI layouts using wireframe, and improve the fidelity of your design with high-quality mockups.

Create highly-usable prototypes and animations with smart design techniques on Figma and Adobe XD.

Validate the effectiveness of your design decisions using A/B tests. Learn how to analyze both quantitative and qualitative data using various tools.

Manage your team’s work using professional project management software. Learn how to apply the agile framework for UX projects.

Adopt design thinking techniques to empathize with your users. Learn how to collect feedback from testing sessions and ideate ways to improve your design.

Portfolio Building

Build a robust personal portfolio.

For someone without any prior experience in UX/UI design, your portfolio is one of the most important asset that can help you break into the field. 
By working with our instructors and teaching assistants that have actually made it, you will learn how to curate a strong portfolio that highlights the business impact of your design, as well as how your skill set can be a good fit with your employer.

Teaching Schedule

What’s included in our bootcamp?

Here’s what our typical teaching week would cover. Besides mastering fundamental concepts and tools, we will help you to work on career-related tasks as well.

We get it, learning concepts is usually the most boring part of any bootcamp, but a solid understanding on UX/UI concepts will be the key to set yourself apart from other candidates.

Practice what you’ve learnt during the lessons by working with various professional tools. From making wireframe to conducting UX research, it is crucial that you are familiar with tools used by other UX/UI designers out there.

Working with your teammates is a crucial part of your learning journey. Collaborate with your teammates to create impactful design and UX recommendations based on real-life businesses.

Besides career consultations, our instructors will productively work with you to refine your CV and portfolio. Additionally, mock interviews and practice sessions will be held to help you land you first job/gig in the field.

Remote Learning Experience

Remote classroom with maximum flexibility.

Attend the bootcamp from anywhere in the world. With our remote classroom, you will be learning together with students from all places of the world. Additionally, you can meet with alumni from previous cohorts and expand your network through our community events!

Our Alumni

What our alumni say about the bootcamp?

We are excited to educate passionate learners from all corners of the world. Let’s hear what our bootcamp alumni have to say about the career-driven experience.

Tyson · US

Product Designer

Linda · CA

UX Designer

Kevin · GB

Front-End Designer

Bernadette · FR

Product Designer

Lavinia · US

I thought the course was definitely worth taking. Especially if you prefer to learn practically and visually rather than just theoretically. You will flow through the entire UX process in a practical way.

Egor · PL

This course is amazing, you get to work alongside others through community channels, webinars, and one-on-one sessions with professionals that have been on the job for over 5 years and have a passion for teaching and mentoring.

Sofia · ES

The curriculum, freedom to work in your own pace, assistance, advice, and feedback really flow well and it is my first experience doing an online course and am really happy it has been this great experience and journey.

Johnathan · CA

Really impressed with how smooth the remote course was. Small group video conference + slack channel worked great. Instructor would regularly put us in groups to work on real-life projects!

Tyler · GB

This is one of the best online courses I have ever taken. The lectures are very clearly explained and not boring or dry at all (for me it’s the main drawback of online programmes).

Alessia · IT

I’m nearly done completing the part-time bootcamp and it exceeded my expectations for an online program. The coursework was thorough, thoughtful, and they laid out the principles of UI design fantastically.

Peng · SG

I learnt more about UX design in the programme than I ever could’ve imagined. The staff were all incredibly useful and supportive and they kept me engaged throughout the whole course.

Vicky · US

I had a solid Mentor that helped me navigate through this course, and even more so what’s gonna be expected of you to know and understand in the UI/UX design world. I would without a doubt recommend this bootcamp to anyone looking to get into UI/UX Design.

Tool Stack

What tools will we cover?

Our bootcamps are designed with the latest UX/UI design tools in mind. Instead of sticking with one tool stack forever, the curriculum will be regularly updated to ensure our students are learning the latest technologies in the field.


UI design software with robust collaborative features for remote designers.


User testing platform that generates insight from your deployed prototype.


User research tool for collecting feedback from users via smart surveys.


Web visualization tool that enables designer to understand on-site user behavior.

Google Analytics

Web analytics service that collects and analyze data on your applications.

Qualtrics XM

Experience management platform that allows designers to survey user data.


Project management platform for your remote UX/UI team, with a slick drag-and-drop interface.


Business messaging app for remote teams to coordinate with each other.

Michael Jakab, UX Product Lead

During his time at Google, Michael had worked on various well-known products used in our everyday lives, including Google Map and Google Shopping Ads.

San Francisco

Melisa Baudon, Senior UX Designer

As a passionate UX designer, Melisa is currently working for Accenture to implement customized solutions for clients in the e-commerce sector.


Tuition Fee

Simple & transparent payment plans.

A simple and transparent payment structure that is affordable for beginners.

Upfront Payment

£650 (Save £100, inc. VAT)

What’s included in the bootcamp:

Monthly Installments

£750 (3 Installments, inc. VAT)

What’s included in the bootcamp:

Enroll Now

Reserve your seat now.

Once you’ve submitted your contact information, you’ll receive our course information package, and our admission representatives will reach out to you to complete the registration. Feel free to inquire your dedicated representative with any questions related to the programme.

Upcoming Classes – Feb 2023

Every Mon & Wed (8 Weeks)
Feb 27, 2023 – Apr 19, 2023
7:00pm – 9:00pm GMT

Every Tue & Thurs (8 Weeks)
Feb 28, 2023 – Apr 20, 2023
7:00pm – 9:00pm GMT

The bootcamp syllabus and information package will be sent to you via email once you had completed the application form.


Commonly asked questions.

If you still have any questions about the bootcamp that are not covered below, you are encouraged to talk to your dedicated admission representative for help.

As our bootcamp is designed for students without design backgrounds, it is not required to have prior experience in UX/UI design.

Yes, our lectures are all recorded, and students can revisit them on their own free time via our student portal.

Our student count for each cohort is typically around 15. The maximum student count for one cohort is 20 to make sure our students can receive personalized feedback from our instructors.

Once you have completed the capstone project of the bootcamp, the digital certificate would be sent to you within 24 hours via email.

Students who were successfully enrolled into the bootcamp would be added to our slack channel, where students will connect with each other to form groups and hold discussions.

Students can pay the tuition fee via common payment methods including credit card, debit card, Google Pay, Apple Pay and PayPal, etc.

Ready to kickstart your UX/UI career?

Whether you are thinking about working as a full-time professional, becoming a freelancer, or even launching your own startup, learning UX/UI is going to be invaluable to your career. Schedule a talk with us if you still have any questions in mind.