UX is no longer an afterthought in the B2B world

For a long time, B2B software took a backseat to consumer-focused products when it came to user experience. As long as the core functionality worked, many enterprises overlooked UI/UX as an afterthought. But in today’s digital workplace, that mindset needs to change. Employees now expect the same world-class experiences they get from top apps, regardless of whether tools are for work or personal use.

Younger generations entering the workforce especially view software through a consumer lens. If a collaboration platform or CRM system feels difficult to navigate or looks outdated, they won’t see it as a necessary work tool – it’s just bad design. As millennials and Gen Z rise into influential roles, their opinions will shape purchase decisions across industries. Savvy B2B companies know they need engaging UX to attract and retain top talent.

At the same time, workplace functions have become increasingly digitized. Employees now rely on a complex ecosystem of apps to do their jobs. But switching between several unintuitive interfaces fragments focus and wastes valuable time that could be spent on core tasks. Flawless cross-product experiences are just as important for productivity as core features.

The benefits of championing B2B UX are clear. Simplified designs ensure employees derive maximum value from all an organization’s products and data. This leads to increased feature adoption, faster workflows, reduced training costs, and ultimately stronger customer relationships. Superior UX also arms sales teams with a competitive differentiator to showcase a vendor’s commitment to customer experience.

While B2B software demands deep functionality, that shouldn’t preclude thoughtful design. Many companies spend heavily on R&D only to have features go underutilized due to usability issues. Re-prioritizing UX upfront helps customers realize full ROI from their tech investments. It’s time for B2B vendors to match the excellence of familiar brands like Salesforce, Zoom and Slack that blend form with function seamlessly. The enterprises with best-in-class digital tools will be positioned for long-term success in tomorrow’s workplace.

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